24 Jan

I really thought my first post would have been an easy one. I mean, how hard is it to find the BUM of the sports week? I thought I had my winner when Billy Cundiff pulling a 32yd FG to send the Ravens to overtime couldn’t have been matched. I mean it was a chip shot that any pro kicker makes 95% of the time (86% between 30-39yds this year). Cundiff himself was 10-12 from this range the whole season and is a veteran. However Cundiff’s miss that sent Ray Lewis into an epic speech about not retiring (who doesn’t love these) wasn’t good enough to win Bum of the Week.

Enter Kyle Williams

Another week another punt returner ruining the game for their team. Why do teams always insist on putting their dumbest and most spazzed player to return punts? Hell, I would only allow my returner to waive fair catch. More mistakes come out of returning punts than good. Kyle Williams not only muffed a punt that led to a Giants TD but he fumbled the punt in overtime  that led to the game winning FG for Tynes. On the muffed punt Williams did the classic “run up to the ball, stop, not go after it, go after it, get hit by it, then act like you didn’t get hit by it, move.” His own player saw it hit his knee and was screaming for him to recover the ball. The fumble was another classic by a punt returner who just made a mistake, “let me run really hard to make up for my F’in Up.” This usually leads to a fumble because “ball security” is the last thing on the player’s mind. Williams had the ball loose in his cradle and got it knocked out of his grasp. However Williams’ giving 10pts to the Giants, where if he didn’t, the 49ers would be in the Super Bowl for the first time since 1994 wasn’t good enough to win Bum of the Week

Enter “Fat Raven Fan who is angry and fat”

Most of the time smart phones and social media leads to disaster for an individual. This is really no different, but a fat guy losing his mind at a sporting event and then kicking everyone who was a Patriots fan out of his house is truly stuff of comic gold. Fat Raven Fan is sitting there for a few seconds then blows up at the screen cursing Cundiff to his grave for missing the game tying FG (hell, who says the Ravens would have won in OT). After his barrage of Cundiff F..U’s he proceeds to kick the people who were rooting for the Patriots out of his house. Say what? I know I’ve had my fair share of sport laced tirades towards my favorite teams (The University of Oklahoma Football Team if I may be so precise). However, I have never kicked people out of my own house (I have left the place I was at). Then there is an awkward silence of about a minute (feels like 30) that is of Epic proportions. Then the video ends with him throwing some curses at Flacco and Cam Cameron. Although the tirade is truly pathetic that’s not what gives Fat Rave Fan the honorable Bum of the Week award. This guys “look” is truly amazing. First, he’s really fat. Not regular diabetus 2 fat. Straight bumpkin fat. Second, he has a neckband of some kind. I have no problem with beards, i occasionally will “rock” one. This thing is scraggly and uneven, very unacceptable. Last and the greatest is the Ed Reed jersey that is 4 sizes to small. It looks like one of those jerseys he got ten years ago and 100lbs lighter (before he discovered beer and more beer).  So congrats to “Fat Rave n Fan” you are the Bum of the Week!!


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